Haikou, China Wednesday, October 21, 2020 cloudy
三文鱼结了冰2020-10-22 01:06514

  Dear John,

  How r u? In the past several yrs here, I never thought the autumn of Hainan would come so early。 With so many typhoons, it kept raining heavily since the end of September。 No golden maples, no bright sunshine, but rains n clouds, noisy but also peaceful。 It inevitably brought ppl dark moods with wet clothes, undrained rains and the dark skies。 It finally become cloudy these two days, but new typhoons r on the way。 I started to wear a jacket, leaving the summer heat falling behind。 Could u smell the coolness in the air? It differs from the sweetness in spring, but refreshing and crispy。 The sunshine hangs in the mid-air in the later afternoon。 Looking up at the sky, the short old buildings seem to b taller, n the sky gets further away from me, my stretching hands out of reach, even harder。 I am lost in this familiar place, like getting caught in a reencounter with an old friend in many yrs。 What it will b like when we meet next time? Will u already b a successful business man reaching ur life goals? Will I b a girl in long hair changing a lot who u r doubtful to call me? It will b in spring or autumn still? Hard to imagine。

  I was crazy abt Malatang these days, keep eating for past four days。 It was the last meal today cuz I knew it was unhealthy n bad for my skin。 It is said only when putting deep-fried dough stick油条, Malatang starts to b infused into a real soul。 Mr。油条, I hv tried for u, not bad, soft in the soup, melting in the mouth。 I always eat a lot of Malatang, even more than the boys in the shop。 Yesterday, two girls sitting next me were shocked to see me holding my big bowl of food after chatting to order less next time。

  Today, I did something u wished me to do, running。 It was so hard to persist for a long time in the beginning, so I mixed running with jogging together。 It seemed exercise vanished in my life since the epidemic, except those days when u asked to keep doing some stretching, but I really got refreshed and felt inner peace from it, companied by the cool wind n beautiful night scenery。 I set a goal for myself, to finish 40km till the end of this month。 It would b excellent if it is morning exercise。 I hope I can wake up early to record and share the morning I feel with u。

  Take care, I prefer u healthy n safe b4 anything else。

  Yours, Binnie


Dear John.




Dear John.